To: College SRC President        Campus SRC Presidents

Cc: All Student Formations       Students       Campus Managers

Date: 29 May 2020

From: Acting Principal

Subject: College Response On Lock Down Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic

I am writing to you to give you an update on number of key issues that have unfolded since our last college communication in the month of April 2020.


The college has successfully submitted 2020 registration data for 4339 students and 3109 have been approved for funding, with 285 rejected for being not qualifying because they failed in the previous examination cycle. The NSFAS is busy finalizing funding of the remaining 945 students. A follow up with the NSFAS regarding the queries of students who have not yet received their 2020 allowances was done. It transpired that not all students were paid during the first round of payment via NSFAS Wallet reason being that NSFAS is still in the process of approving funding for some of our students and such students are falling within that category. Once their funding process is finalized students will receive their payments via NSFAS WALLET. We have also requested the payment lists for all payments made then we will be able to make verifications for each student who claims he/she did not receive payment. However, students must continuously check their funding status in MYNSFAS Portal as they get funded continuously. The college has also submitted all Appeals that were handed in by various campuses and we are aware that there are some students who could not submit theirs due to the Lock Down. Such students can still submit their appeals to their respective campus bursary clerks to be forwarded to the central office.

It has been noted with concern that there are elements of FRAUD targeting our students as the case wherein one of our student at Mapuzi Campus unknown person called a student requesting NSFAS LOGIN details pretending to be a NSFAS official. It must be advocated to ALL our students that no one must share his or her NSFAS LOGIN details, such details MUST be known to a registered student who is NSFAS beneficiary ONLY. We call and make an appeal to ALL students that they MUST NOT CHANGE THEIR CELL PHONES NUMBERS as that will put them to a disadvantage of not receiving their money for those who are NSFAS beneficiaries and data for ALL. We have also received queries that there were a remittance(s) that were sent to the college during the lock down period and some outstanding payments of 2019.

For 2019 the college has paid all students claimed for by campuses who were on remittances. However, the college have received complaints that there are still students who still claim that they have not received their 2019 payments. This should be treated as a unique case for a particular student or students. In this case the campus SRCs should assist in submitting the names of students who are or may have been affected so as to check if such students are appearing in the remittances and if they qualified. The lists of such students must be submitted to the offices of the campus mangers and bursary clerks to be forwarded to the Central office.

The information must include:

  • Name of the Campus
  • Name and Surname
  • ID Number
  • Student Number

In addition to this challenge there are outstanding payments which are still with the college as some couldn’t be paid before and during the lockdown. Both these matters will be looked at as soon as campus bursary clerks report for duty on the first of June 2020 as per the Minister’s announcement. These will be given first priority as such money is due to be disbursed to the students.


The college has introduced the Online Learning Platform with the aim to enhance self -study and assist students to learn even during the Lock down. The Platform can be accessed at:

https//www.lms.saban/ksd. All registered students have login details created for them to be able to learn via the Online Platform. The platform is Zero Data Rated and that means lecturers are having data.


In support of Online Learning the Department has committed team at National level which colleges will be advised for further information with regards to dates of deliveries of such devices. In addition to the Zero Rated Learning Platform, the Minister has also announced the provision of student data where students will receive 10 GB daytime and 20GB night-time with effect from June 2020 till the end of August 2020. The data that is to be provided is only meant for learning purposes not for any other purpose that is outside learning. Students are advised NOT to change their cell phone numbers. Those who have different numbers from those that are in the college system as were provided during registrations must logon to their MYNSFAS PORTAL to effect such changes. The Portal has also been Zero Rated (students will not need data when logging on to the NSFAS Portal).

The department is aware of the unfunded students referred to as the “missing middle” category also need data for learning as some of them also come from disadvantaged homes. Unfortunately, the government is currently not in a position to subsidize them. However, the discussions on this matter are ongoing and at an advanced stage at National level. As an institution, we are still committed to assist all our students. There will be classes set aside to assist all students who are unable to access online learning platforms. These will take place in the form of extra classes and remedial classes.


The college will accept students at all campuses using a phased in approach to ensure social distance in the campus and classrooms. As announced by the Mister the tentative dates are as follows:


  • N6 and N3: 10 June 2020
  • N5 and N2: 15 June 2020
  • N4 and N1: 22 June 2020  


  • N6: 25 June 2020
  • N5: 29 June 2020
  • N4: 06 July 2020  


  • LEVEL 4: 13 July 2020
  • Level 3: 20 July 2020
  • Level 2: 27 July 2020  

The college is hard at work to make all campuses to be ready to accept students in Healthy and Safe environment as required by the COVID 19 Protocols. The following is being done to ensure safety of all students and staff in various campuses:

  • Establishment of COVID 19 Committee inclusive of all stakeholders which will be responsible to look at all issues related to the COVID 19 to ensure that there is no spread of the virus within campuses.
  • Deep cleaning of all campuses which include grass cutting, spring cleaning, disinfecting, fumigation of all teaching and learning venues and offices.
  • Provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Each student will be provided with two masks.
  • Provision of sanitizers to all students to be used after hours.
  • Screening will be done when entering the campus.
  • The Higher Health Professional nurses will be available to provide counselling services to all students who might be in need of such services for whatever reason.
  • Orientation on COVI 19 regulations and safety protocols will be done for all students as they will be received at various campuses.
  • Social distance in the classroom will be maintained. Classes will be made of 15 students and 20 being the maximum.
  • Sanitizing points in each classroom and each block.  

Wishing you all a safe and good time as you are preparing for your studies. “SAVE ACADEMIC YEAR AND SAVE LIVES”!

Yours in Service,

N. Chagi Acting Principal

KSD TVET College